Feel Zen : Relaxation Treatments and Wellness Massages in Sillingy

A healthy mind in a healthy body ...

NEWS !!!

SWEDISH MASSAGE: this is a deep tissue muscular massage and it relieves stiffness and eases your tension points. We offer relaxing or invigorating, light or deep massages that can be adapted to your needs. This will truly relax your body and spirit and is recommended for athletes also.
(60 mn = 60 euros)

COUPLES MASSAGE : Relax with the person of your choice...
(30 mn = 60 euros ; 60 min = 120 euros)

BALINESES HEAD MASSAGE : Originally of the Balinese tradition, this massage has multiple benefits. It relieves your accumulated and pent-up tension points. It eases your anxiety and fatigue. It improves blood circulation and sleep. It helps your concentration and actively revitalizes the hair. Lastly it provides you with a deep feeling of relaxation.
This treatment is done sitting and also involves arm, shoulder and upper back massage.
(30 mn = 35 euros)

THAI MASSAGE : You will be completely dressed, on the floor, on a futon. This will release your energy blockages and will restore joint and muscle suppleness. A real treat, it offers you total relaxation and vitality.
(60 mn = 60 euros)

SPECEFIC BACK MASSAGE : involves light touches, kneading, pressing and other deep tissue movements , it will ease your muscular tension and also relax you.
(45 mn = 45 euros)